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Samuel Groves
By Lynda Clark

With more and more people supporting local businesses, artisan manufacturing, sustainability and UK production, it’s great news that Samuel Groves designs and manufactures its Cook and Bakeware from their factory in Yardley, Birmingham and develops products which are absolutely top quality and that all come with a lifetime guarantee – you can’t ask for much more! 

Lee McDonagh, managing director for Samuel Groves is passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm is quite infectious, and he says, “I am so lucky as I love what I do, and it never feels like work.” Samuel Groves has been manufacturing since 1817, initially making brass candlesticks and then moving on to teapots and trays and eventually cookware and bakeware. Then in 2014, Lee’s family business (U Group) took over Samuel Groves when it was going into administration. “We knew that the brand had a great reputation and the machinery and tooling were second to none. So, we bought it and moved all the machinery and those staff who were still there to our site in Yardley and we have gone from strength to strength. We listen to what our customers want, and I really believe we produce world-class cookware. 
Samuel Groves
“We pride ourselves that our pans, which are handcrafted and handmade and come with a lifetime guarantee will be used and loved for years” Lee McDonach
We pride ourselves that our pans, which are handcrafted and handmade and come with a lifetime guarantee will be used and loved for years – generally people are far more discerning these days. We use innovative materials and the Stainless-Steel Tri-ply range combines the heat conductivity in the core layer and with a 3mm pan body that we believe is the sturdiest and most robust on the market with greater thermal efficiency. With a Samuel Groves pan, the heat travels rapidly up the sides rather than stopping in the base. This gives the most even cooking temperature and uses less energy.” Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge worked with Samuel Groves to design, create and manufacture his own range of cookware for his restaurants. Lee said, “He described our pans as the “Land Rover” of pans which was a great compliment. They had to be up to cooking for at least eight services a day at his Michelin starred restaurant, When he came to the factory, he was truly impressed by our manufacturing abilities and process. We were delighted and honoured to be working with him”.
Samuel Groves
Samuel Groves hessian bag packaging
Always environmentally aware Samuel Groves package their pans in hessian bags which are biodegradable and are reusable and can be used to store the pans in or alternatively are excellent for storing fruit and vegetables. They also offer a Pan for Life scheme which has proved to be extremely popular.  Lee adds “All non-stick coatings will degrade over time especially if they are regularly put in a dishwasher. We can recoat all our non-stick cookware and replace any worn or damaged rivets and re-polish them, so they look just the same as they did when they came off the production line. What is even more special about this service is that it is about 25% of the cost of a new pan. “We have a long and established history with hundreds of tooling designs which means we can change things around for the relevant market. Our Mermaid Hard Anodised bakeware range, for example, is something we are working on. Aluminium can be formed very thinly, and it makes it light but, generally our customers like a heavier sturdier product, so we are increasing the thickness to make it the most robust you can buy and it will last forever. “During this period of lockdown, we have been working with the NHS as we also produce waste bins that were urgently needed for hospitals. I had to call in the whole work force. It was so important, and I felt proud to be able to help out at this strange time and be part of something so important and make a difference.  “Our ranges are growing and evolving all the time. I still find it amazing that we make such incredible products from what is basically a flat piece of material. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and detail that goes into every pan and I am truly proud to say that we are the best of British!”

All products can be bought online at samuelgroves.com

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