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Home Frangrance

A home fragrance has the ability to transform the atmosphere in your house, but with a wide range of scenting solutions and an even wider choice of fragrances available, where do you start? Here’s our guide to picking the ideal fragrance for your home

Consider the function of the room you’re fragrancing
Fragrance should uplift and enhance your day to day life at home, not interfere with the function of the room you’re fragrancing. Make sure to avoid putting invigorating scents like citrus in the bedroom, where you’ll want to focus on sleeping and relaxing. Similarly, gourmand or fruity fragrances in the dining room can interfere with the taste of your food, so are best avoided in the area you dine in.

Think about what mood you want to evoke in your home
Fragrance is a wonderful way to create your desired home ambience, so to pick the right fragrance for your home you should first decide what kind of mood you’d like to evoke. If you’re looking for an opulent, luxurious atmosphere, seek out scents with rich notes like oud and heady, luscious florals. Whereas if you want your home to feel bright and fresh, look for aquatic scents like Yoshino Waters or clean fragrances like Fresh Linen. For a spring vibe, turn to floral scents, especially those with green elements like Peony and Tea Rose fragrances. 

Take into account what you want to achieve by fragrancing the room
Why you want to fragrance each room will inform the best method of fragrancing to use.  For large rooms or where you need a quick and powerful fragrance boost before guests arrive, using an Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp is the most effective way of scenting.  Similarly, where you want to use fragrance to replace other, less desirable smells like cooking malodours or pet odours, turn to your Fragrance Lamp which will remove the unwanted smell before fragrancing rather than ineffectively masking it.  Ashleigh & Burwood’s Fragrance Lamps utilise a catalytic combustion technique, that actively purifies, cleanses and perfumes the air in the home.

Other rooms may just want a backdrop of fragrance, for these, you’ll want to use reed diffusers that provide continuous scent. And if you want to build a cosy atmosphere in the room with your fragrance scented candles are a perfect fit. 

Do you need a signature home fragrance?
Many of us have a ‘signature’ scent which plays an important role in shaping other people’s recollections of us, especially as a small sniff of a familiar fragrance can bring back a rush of memories. But despite the popularity of the signature perfume, not many of us apply the same idea to our homes. A signature home fragrance can be just as powerful in influencing memory and in cultivating the desired mood in your home. When picking a signature perfume we often gravitate towards the aspirational, choosing a scent that represents who we want to be and how we want others to see us and a home fragrance is no different. A signature home scent should encompass your aspirations for your home whether that’s a cosy warming scent to evoke a hygge-esque, comforting ambience or an airy, fresh fragrance to accompany modern, minimalist décor.

Create your signature home fragrance by building layers of fragrance throughout the home.  

Explore Ashleigh & Burwood’s comprehensive home fragrance collection at ashleigh-burwood.co.uk to get you started in the pursuit of your perfect home ambience.


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