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Whether you want to master your mindset, build healthy habits, tone up or lose weight, Freeletics, the revolutionary AI-powered fitness and lifestyle app is the perfect solution

Renowned for its hyper-personalised approach to health and fitness, the Freeletics app offers the world’s most advanced digital fitness and mindset coaching – tailored to your individual needs, goals, experience, and fitness level to ensure you reach your long-term goals. And with a community of over 40 million users worldwide, the support you need to stay on track has never been more easily available. 

In addition to the free version of the app, which includes a selection of bodyweight-only workouts and exercise, users can choose to get their own digital personal coach to receive tailored HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts which help reach peak physical fitness in an efficient and sustainable way. Aside from hyper-personalised workout plans, users can also expect to find the following within Europe’s number 1 fitness app: 


Launched in December 2019, Freeletics Mindset offers a unique and holistic approach to getting (and staying) fit and healthy – both mentally and physically. The new mindset coaching feature gives users access to educational, motivational, and mindful audio courses which, combined with the app’s adaptive workout plans, are designed to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind. The Mindset Coach gives users the tools needed to build a balanced, goal-oriented mindset and maintain the motivation to improve their overall health and wellbeing in the long run. Additionally, the courses can improve mindfulness techniques and teach new mental and physical training skills. Lasting between five and 20 minutes, they help to build the perfect foundation for a long-term athletic lifestyle by teaching the listener how to establish routines, cope with setbacks, manage stress, and improve their focus, recovery, and sleep. 


The latest ‘hybrid’ workout method taking the fitness scene by storm, the Freeletics “Hybrid Running” Training Journey combines bodyweight training with running to offer additional benefits and accelerate results, enhancing endurance and targeting more muscles to promote the afterburn effect, so that the body continues to burn calories after the workout is over. The “Hybrid Running” personal training plan combines core and lower body exercises with sprint intervals and distance runs to burn fat, improve running performance, and increase cardiovascular stamina. Unlike most running apps, the Freeletics take on running does not revolve around endless miles, tracking data and comparing graphs. Instead, it focuses on running smarter with specific training plans to achieve real results. Users can also choose between other running Training Journeys within the app, “Run Further”, “Run Faster” and “Run & Burn,” which have all been designed to target specific running goals in the most efficient way possible. 


Short workouts can be just as effective at transforming the body as long ones. In fact, short HIIT workouts have been proven to offer the quickest results. To appeal to those who lack the time to work out, Freeletics has released a ‘15 Minute Fitness” Training Journey and workout adaptation feature, both of which take the stress out of exercise, ensuring users can maximise their time and fast-track their results. The Training Journey guides users through a full-body workout which takes less than 15 minutes and is tailored towards their individual goals. This six-week training plan can be done anytime, anywhere and with no equipment, eliminating any excuse to skip a training session. For those who choose a different kind of training plan, the “I only have 15 minutes” option means the digital Freeletics Coach can always provide an alternate workout that will fit into any schedule.

This year, whatever your goal, unlock your true potential and finally become the best version of yourself with Freeletics, the hyper-personalised, AI-powered fitness and mindset coaching app which can help build lasting habits and reach long-term health and fitness goals. 

For more information on Freeletics, visit freeletics.com. To download the Freeletics app for free, visit the App Store or Google Play Store

About Freeletics:
Freeletics was founded in 2013 with the mission to challenge and inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Since then, the company has become the leading provider of AI-based fitness and mindset coaching, with 40 million users in over 160 countries. The Freeletics app is not just the #1 fitness app in Europe but also offers the most advanced AI technology in the industry. It puts a personal trainer in your pocket, enabling you to train anytime, anywhere, with hyper-personalized training plans and workouts. It’s AI technology allows the app to learn from over 40 million users and their individual feedback, so it can develop ongoing smart Freeletics Training Journeys uniquely designed to suit every single user, down to the last exercise.

Prices start from £6.25 a month.

Web Pricing: 

Training Coach
3 months: £32.99
12 months: £74.99

Training & Nutrition Bundle
3 months: £49.49
12 months: £112.49

Body & Mind Bundle (Training, Nutrition & Mindset)
3 months: £65.99
12 months: £144.99


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