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By Pilates pro & actress Lara Pictet, who is the lead star in new film By Light Of Desert Night which is out now on Sky Store and will be available on Amazon Prime and other digital platforms later this month!

Pilates strengthens and balances your core which is the foundation of your body. Here are some benefits of Pilates:

  • Improves your overall flexibility
  • Increases muscle strength and balance
  • Tones body particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and glutes

5 Pilate exercises:

1. Single leg pulls: Lie down on the mat, crunch up, arms up, keep one leg lifted 1 inch from the floor as the other leg lifts up and pull your leg with your hands and lift, switch legs. Alternate every time!

2. Knee crunch to teaser: Lie down on the mat, your legs at tabletop, lift your upper body so as to cradle your knees and swing your arms back, straighten your legs into a teaser. Arm circles as you bend your knees to cradle (and crunch) and swing your arms back as you straighten your legs into teaser.

3. Long bicycle kicks: Obliques! Lie down on the mat, lift knees into tabletop, crunch your chest up, elbows out and elbow touches opposite knee now add the legs: one leg will straighten 1 inch from the floor, while the other leg bends from tabletop into your chest, straightens all the way up to the ceiling, lowers to meet the other leg and bend it back in! As you alternate legs, your elbows change, always touching the opposite elbow to the opposite knee!

4. Side obliques: Lie on your side, legs lift at a diagonal: Bend knees into chest, straighten legs out and lift the upper body to try and touch your toes!

5. Clam Shell series: Lie on your side, knees at a 90* Angle. Lift and lower your top knee, then lift your bottom foot to touch your lifted foot and open and close like a diamond shape, lower your bottom foot back to the mat, bend your top knee to your opposite elbow and pulse out to the ceiling.




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