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A couple who lost their 25-year-old family business during the coronavirus outbreak have had their lives transformed thanks to leading bungalow provider RoyaleLife

After Phill and Janet Myall’s Swindon based chauffeur business collapsed, the devastated couple were forced to make redundancies across their 20 strong team – including their two children. With financial ruin being a very real option, Phill, 60, and Janet, 58, decided to face their dilemma head-on and sell their four bedroom detached home in Swindon, opting to downsize to free up cash.

It was at this time that the couple discovered Royale Heights in Dorset, a community-minded development from RoyaleLife – the nation’s leading bungalow provider which specialises in luxury homes for the over 45s.

Royale Heights is comfortably nestled between the picturesque villages surrounding Beacon Hill and the bustling town of Poole, providing a peaceful semi-rural lifestyle that is not too far from the social hubbub of the popular coastal town. The gated development is set within beautifully landscaped grounds, with every home enjoying sleek, modern furnishings, ample parking and a secluded garden.

After falling in love with the location – and a stylish two bedroom Oakwood Sycamore bungalow – the Myall’s completed their sale using RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange Scheme, ensuring they not only experienced a quick move but also the financial benefits that come with the initiative.

Home Part Exchange is a relatively simple offer: customers buy a bungalow through RoyaleLife in exchange for the current market value of their home. Any additional funds will be given to the buyer as cash. For example, a £475,000 home exchanged for a £300,000 bungalow will net the buyer £175,000. Bungalows are furnished with luxury items to make the move that much easier.

Phill, who now works part-time as a lorry driver, said, “We have always wanted to move to the coast and thought Royale Heights and the surrounding area looked amazing. Despite the devastation of losing our beloved family business, we now believe that our situation has been a blessing in disguise.

“By using Home Part Exchange, we been able to fund our retirement, and now have the time – and money – to be able to enjoy an active social life. When not in lockdown we visit friends and family, enjoy dinner with our neighbours, play golf and go jogging on the beach – which is just a 10-minute drive away from the development. Our family – particularly our grandchildren – love to visit as they feel like it’s a mini-holiday. We couldn’t be happier with this next chapter of our life.”

Robert Bull, CEO at RoyaleLife said, “Home Part Exchange is available on all of our developments which offer a relaxed, community-minded atmosphere in some of the country’s most stunning locations. I’m afraid Phill and Janet’s experience is all too common in the pandemic. Times are very uncertain. I’m just delighted we have been able to help them seek out a new life for themselves. They are a shining example of how choosing a RoyaleLife bungalow – and using this innovative scheme – can take the stress out of moving and pave the way for an enriched and happy lifestyle. We wish them many years of contentment in their beautiful new home.”

For more information on RoyaleLife, please visit royalelife.com

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