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Creativity is a powerful tool of expression and liberation. Crafting can even enhance your mental wellbeing by reducing stress and helping to relieve anxiety and depression, making it an essential for your arsenal against Covid blues. There’s a simple joy in trying something new and experimenting with different mediums, and these self-contained starter kits are the perfect way to dip your toe into unchartered territory


Embossing is a simple way to elevate any handmade card design, or even create your own unique gift wrap. The raised effect adds a depth to images, in addition to a polished look – and the process of transforming embossing powder to a metallic finish is beyond satisfying. The English Stamp Company have an embossing kit (£35) that contains everything you’d need to start you off on this magical journey, including an embossing heat tool and powders. You can add a stamp from their range of choices or customise your own through their site, so your creativity has no bounds. 

See more at englishstamp.com 


The concentration required for calligraphy makes it not only a creative feat, but a moment of meditation. It’s also a skill that can be transferred to any future invitations, place settings and cards for a touch of elegance. ERA Calligraphy guide you through beautiful lettering with the Luxury Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Gift Kit (£45). The kit comes with worksheets, ink and pen along with unlimited access to a 40minute online video tutorial to hone your skills and refer back to whenever needed. The stylish packaging makes it an excellent gift, or a wonderful way to spoil yourself. 

See more at eracalligraphy.com 


Started during lockdown as a way of escapism through creation, Sculpd provide a no-kiln needed venture into the world of pottery. The Sculpd Pottery Kit (£39) comes with enough clay for two people and all the tools needed to create four smaller pinch pots or two larger plant pots. This tactile craft is all about enjoying both the destination and the journey – while a unique item is guaranteed, there’s something liberating about moulding clay with reckless abandon.  

See more at sculpd.co.uk 

Needle felting 

Take a stab at needle felting with this easy beginner’s kit. Gillian Gladrag’s Needle Felting Starter Kit (£13.95) comes with a rainbow of merino wool, along with felting needles and instructions written by Gillian Harris – owner of Gillian Gladrag and author of four felting books. The perfect craft to take out some frustration on your foam canvas and create something beautiful out of it. The website also covers all your yarn-based needs, from knitting to crochet, there’s an endless range of colourful avenues to explore. 

See more at gilliangladrag.co.uk 

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun, relax and enjoy the process.