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As we ease out of lockdown, we’re all looking forward to some pampering. With zoom calls and sweatpants, it’s easy to lose yourself. Covid saw the rise of dog ownership as people turned to our four-legged friends for some moral support. With dogs to thank for getting us through this past year, don’t they deserve a pamper too?

Enter Suzy’s, the high-quality dog accessory store that knows how to pamper your pooch. Established over 67 years ago in Belgium, three generations later this online business has been brought to Halifax, UK, where each product is meticulously designed and manufactured. Husband and wife duo, Sascha and Kate Dobbelaere, brought the business to the UK for the region’s textile heritage and exquisite craftsmanship and production, which is central to Suzy’s ethos. “I grew up immersed in the family business, and was able to use this knowledge to run a number of my own online businesses” says Sascha. “As the years went by, and having witnessed this small village pet store grow to become a global e-commerce business, I knew I had to continue my parents’ and grandparents’ legacy.” 

The emphasis on quality craftsmanship is visible in every piece, ranging from cosy beds and blankets to stylish bandanas. British textile designer William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This definition of good design as being both functional and elegant is seen no clearer than in Suzy’s Rainy Bear black and beige dog carrier (£120). The contrasting fleece lined carrier makes a sleek statement, while supporting your pup with an orthopaedic cushion for extra comfort. A must-have accessory for taking your furry friend on some much-needed retail therapy trips.

It’s been said that after a while together, dogs and their owners start to look alike. So why not both look and feel fabulous? The Teddy Bear dog jacket (£55) is the perfect look for the temperamental Spring weather we’re entering out of lockdown. The light beige colour works all year-round, while the fleecy material adds a touch of warmth for those chillier days. Meeting friends outside doesn’t have to mean sacrificing warmth for style, with a trendy teddy bear jacket, you and your pup can have both. 

Our furry companions are as loyal as it comes, and will happily sit by your side for hours on end. That level of devotion deserves only the best treatment. The Plaid Baroque dog blanket (£45) provides your pup with a touch of luxury while they keep you company, so you can happily enjoy a catch-up over brunch without needing to worry about how they’re doing. 

While the past year has been draining for most of us, it’s been the best time for our fluffy friends. What we’ve viewed as being housebound, they’ve seen as 24/7 access to their favourite person. As we begin to embark on new adventures post-lockdown, make sure to spoil them with a bit of extra love. They deserve it!

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