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Mother of the Bride

The wedding day is special for everyone, but the mother of the bride will be particularly excited for the occasion — and thinking carefully about her outfit. Here, Jack Jahan from  Ramsdens Jewellery shares his tips for getting mother of the bride style right for autumn

In the days leading up to a wedding, there is lots of planning to do. Of course, the bride will be thinking more about her outfit than any of the guests, but this is also a special day for the mother of the bride. If your daughter is getting married, it’s important to find the right ensemble to enjoy the event — especially as it will be captured in the wedding photos too. 

Dressing for an autumnal wedding is a bit different from deciding what to wear for a summer wedding. At a summertime wedding, florals, light fabrics, and pastels rule, and when considering comfort, you’re mostly deciding what will keep you cool throughout the day. But in autumn, the colour palette is earthier, and you have a lot more possible weather scenarios to plan for. So, how can you find a stylish outfit that’s suitable for both your son or daughter’s wedding, and the autumn weather?

Ask about the wedding’s colour scheme

The first thing you’ll need to know is what the colour scheme is going to be at the wedding, and at the party afterwards if you’re planning a change of outfit. By knowing the colour scheme, you can either dress to match it, or dress to compliment it.

 Many autumn weddings are arranged with a classic autumnal colour palette in mind, so common tones include shades of ochre, gold, red, burgundy, and dark leafy greens. Warm, earthy colours are particularly common, and so your daughter may well have decided on these for the decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses. As well as ascertaining the colour scheme, you can also ask about any décor or motifs, such as a particular flower, leaf design, or accents like gold or silver, so you can coordinate with the theme. 

Dress for the autumn weather

It’s easy to get caught up with looking at styles of dresses, skirts, and tops that you like, and forget that the weather might be rainier and colder than you’d like! So, remember to dress for the time of year. An early September wedding will probably mean that you can still wear summer clothes, but with the addition of a shrug, or light jacket. However, if the wedding is planned for October, you’ll need to make sure you’ll be warm enough, and have a plan to protect yourself from the rain.

There are lots of ways that you can stay stylish while protecting against the British weather. Try finding a jacket that matches or compliments your dress, a hat that will keep your hair looking polished even if there’s a breeze, or a stylish umbrella that you can whip out when needed. If you’re not sure what the weather will be like, or you’ll be spending time both inside and outside, dressing in layers is the best option. This way, you can take a layer off or put one on if the temperature changes.

Choose your jewellery and accessories

After you’ve identified the colour scheme and found your outfit, it’s time to pick your accessories and the jewellery you want to use as a finishing touch to make your look shine. It’s advisable to go with classic, timeless designs that will always look in style at any wedding. Diamond jewellery always make your outfit special, and you could also mix metals with a plait bracelet of yellow and white gold to add visual interest. If you like to wear dramatic pendants, consider a scooping neckline on your dress or top so the jewellery can be seen.

When deciding on accessories, try to match any metal accents to the metal in your jewellery (though this is less important if you are mixing metals). Choose delicate bags, hats, and scarves to go with larger jewellery, as this will keep the attention on the pieces you’ve chosen. If your jewellery is more delicate, consider a brightly coloured clutch bag to add a focal point to your ensemble.

Plan hair, makeup and nails in advance

Don’t leave the decisions on your hair, makeup, and nails to the last minute. Instead, plan in advance so that you can book appointments at your favourite salons if you want to have these things done by a professional — or give yourself time to practice your look if doing it yourself. 

You should also consider how you’re wearing your accessories — if you are wearing statement earrings, then you’ll want to wear your hair in an updo so that they can be seen. If you are wearing bracelets and rings, you’ll need a manicure that works well with them. Usually, a go-to is a subtle French manicure, perhaps with a little splash of accent colour that matches your outfit. For makeup, the classic look is also understated, with the emphasis on having a glowing, fresh face that doesn’t overpower any necklaces or ornate necklines that you want to wear.

Tell the bride about your outfit

Although you want your clothing, accessory, and jewellery choices for the wedding to be an expression of your personal style, it’s also important to show the bride what items you’ve chosen. Ideally, you should pick your outfit and show your daughter everything two or three months in advance. This gives both of you time to change something if you decide the photos would look better with the wedding party dressed in a different colour scheme, for example.

Showing off your ensemble in advance also allows you to see how you’ll complement the rest of the wedding party, and it means that you can avoid blending in too much. After all, you want to fit in with the colour scheme, but you don’t want to completely match the bridesmaids, as your outfit should be an expression of your own style and relationship with the bride.

Choosing an outfit for your daughter’s wedding can be very overwhelming, as there are so many things to consider. But by taking note of the event’s colour scheme, giving yourself a few months to decide on clothing and accessories, and adding some beautiful jewellery, you can create the perfect look for such a memorable moment.