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By Sophie Munnery 

skincareLaura Capon is a beauty journalist and former Cosmopolitan beauty writer who has appeared on ITV’s This Morning with her beauty and skincare favourites and now boasts over 27k followers on Instagram and over 40k on Tiktok. Laura or LC as she is more commonly known sits down with heyday to give us her top tips, favourite product purchases and a beginners guide to looking after our skin. It is never too late to start…

Morning routine

A good solid morning routine is vital to prepare your skin for the day ahead. 

Step One: Cleanse your skin or use a gentle face wash. “This doesn’t have to be expensive and can be found in your local supermarket”. Laura recommends Garnier SkinActive Micellar cleansing water.

Step Two: Use an Antioxidant Serum. This protects your face from the environment during the day. Laura uses the analogy of an apple to describe what happens to your skin during the day. If you cut open an apple and expose it to the elements it will go brown throughout the day. However, when you use an anti-oxidant, this counteracts and protects your skin from the elements. “This is where you need to spend a bit more money, I’m currently loving the Caudalíe Vinergetic C+Anti-Fatigue Vitamin C Energy Serum.” 

Step Three: Apply your SPF. SPF is always the last step and is so important as it prevents 90% of ageing. “If you find you are a little dry then use a moisturizer before your SPF or alternatively try a formula that’s labelled as ‘hydrating’,” Laura recommends La Roche-Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF50. 

Evening routine

Your evening routine is just as important as your morning skincare practice, it is the time to wash the day away, prepare your skin for sleep and repair any damage caused.

Step One: Laura recommends that you do two cleanses of the skin as part of your nighttime routine. The first cleanse helps to remove makeup and break down your SPF that has been protecting your skin all day. For this cleanse Laura suggests using a balm or an oil-based cleanser like Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm. For your second cleanse which cleanses your skin you can use a milk or a gel formula.

This part of the routine is where most reach for the anti-ageing night cream. However, Laura advises that light layers applied at night can penetrate the skin deeper and are more effective than those heavier face creams which can often just sit on top of the skin.  

Step Two: Use an Essence (a liquid moisturiser) which will give you your first layer. This is common in Korean skincare routines and Laura recommends AHC’s Hydrating Aqualuronic Emulsion. Then go in with a hyaluronic acid, followed by a Retinol which is proven to reduce fine lines. If you have dry skin, then Laura suggests using a moisturiser here on top. “All these light layers are more effective than a night cream alone.”

Top Tip: Eye Creams do very little for dark circles under the eyes as these are unfortunately genetic. Invest in a corrector such as Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector and correct as part of your makeup routine. If you suffer from puffiness under the eye lookout for an eye cream with Caffeine as an ingredient as it is effective in tightening the skin around the eye. 

Top Tip: SPF is preventative in the ageing process and Retinol is proven to repair and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Save on your cleansers but spend more on your serums and retinol to get the best results from your skincare routine. 

Laura’s skincare tips will have you glowing and feeling the difference in no time. 

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