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During autumn, the dark skies and rainy weather can create a gloomy atmosphere in your home. Even though the temperature has dropped, you can still integrate bursts of colour into your rooms via fresh flowers. Different floral arrangements can be created in the home to complement your interiors and produce vivid displays. Flower arrangements can also draw attention to interior features, for example tall, stemmed flowers can direct the eye to ceiling heights. Most people tend to place flowers in the same spot in their rooms. However, no matter the size of your house, you have plenty of different locations to place your flowers

To help you bring the sunshine indoors, Sylvia James, interior designer at HomeHow.co.uk has shared ways to decorate your home with flowers. 

 1) Dining room centrepiece 

As the dining table is a spot for communal dinners, it’s a great place for a bunch of fresh flowers which can be placed in a delicate vase and form a beautiful centrepiece. Regardless of the table size, it’s best to start with a focal flower, this can be larger or something of a unique colour. Add a group of secondary flowers into the bunch to bring in extra texture and create a full looking bunch. 

2) Mantlepiece 

To bring an extra dimension to your mantlepieces, use accessories on vases to display your flowers. Gather a collection of different size bouquets and add silk ribbons and embroidered trims to your vases. Create the illusion of a fuller display by placing a tall vase of long-stemmed flowers paired with Pampas grass in front of a mantelpiece mirror. 

3) Bathroom bliss 

Turn your bathroom into a paradise by adding a fresh bouquet of flowers. If you have a compact bathroom, a single fresh flower will add luxury to the ambience. If you have more space to play around with, place a full bouquet in the bathroom, for example on a stool by the bathtub. 

4) Beside your bed 

Keeping fresh flowers next to your bed can be a mood booster. Flowers such as chrysanthemums have been proven to reduce symptoms of worry and stress. Flowers can reduce anxious thoughts and seeing a bunch when you wake up can have an uplifting impact on your mood. Avoid extra-large arrangements as you need room for your bedside trinkets. However, if you have allergies, it isn’t advised to have fresh flowers in your bedroom. 

5) Hallway additions 

Even though your hallway is the first area your guests see, it often gets overlooked. Place a large bouquet in the hall to create an inviting impression and instantly beautify your home. Depending on the width and length of your hallway, your flowers can sit on a stool, dresser or even a wooden chair. 

6) Kitchen counter 

The kitchen is the heart of any home, with the addition of delicate flowers such as cherry blossoms, you can uplift the ambience. Place a fresh bunch on the side counter or the kitchen island for maximum impact. You can even add fresh herbs into mini vases for a delicious scent. 

7) Floor space 

When it comes to space, your floor holds an opportunity for playful displays. In rooms with laminate flooring, consider adding fresh flowers to the floor space. Opt for tall, stemmed flowers to rest alongside large houseplants. This would work well in home offices where the tables and shelves might be filled with work equipment.