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New year resolution

Looking for a hobby to dispel your work worries and brighten up your daily routines? We hope this list of gratifying pastimes will inspire you to embrace a new and fulfilling challenge in the new year

Long days at work can be rather wearying. As soon as you close your front door, you probably head straight towards the sofa, and sprawl out in front of the television. But sometimes that isn’t always enough, with the TV offerings leaving you both bored and dissatisfied.

What better way to unwind after a challenging day than with a rewarding hobby? An engaging pastime will help you spice up your weekends and keep you in a good mood. As we gradually approach the beginning of a new year, you may want to start contemplating what hobbies you might pick up to reinvent and revitalise your lifestyle. New year, new you!

Therefore, we have put together a short list of fulfilling pastimes, detailing their cost advantages and how much effort they require to become fruitful. Which ones will you be taking on board?


Odi et amo”: you both hate and love golf at the same time. On one side, it can be infuriatingly fickle – a capricious golf ball that won’t slide into the hole may put your patience to the test. On the other, however, golfing can be the highlight of your week. 

Depending on your fitness levels, action-packed sports such as rugby, football, or basketball may leave you feeling weak or out of breath. Golf is not such an intensely demanding sport, but it will still help you burn calories while you stroll along the vast courses at your own pace. This hobby combines strategy, finesse, and strength, and allows you to compete with friends as you chat and banter amidst some beautiful surroundings.

Yes, golfing can be a bit costly. This said, you needn’t splash out hefty amounts of cash from the outset – start by choosing cheaper clubs to help you hone your craft. When the time comes to up your game, you will be happy to spend a tad more. Your new hobby will be worth every penny!


Roaming busy shopping centres with your partner on a Sunday afternoon may not be your ideal cup of tea, but don’t let the dreary experience impact your passion for fashion. Clothes with a flair for fashion can be a fantastic way to showcase and express your personality.

The good thing is that there is no need to break the bank to replenish your wardrobe. There are many affordable options out there, from good-looking chinos to linen shirts, which will help you rock a casual yet classy style. By educating yourself on the world of fashion and on the tricks of the dress-down code, you’ll be ready to give Gucci and Armani a run for their money!


Do you like history? Are you curious about your past? Genealogy is a fascinating pastime that will shed light on some long-buried family secrets.   

You can spend as much or as little time as you like on it. With many companies offering affordable DNA tests to reveal your hidden ethnic origins, you can learn more about yourself and delineate your family tree. Are you 100% British or do you have Hispanic, Asian, and African heritage too?

If you are willing to invest more energy into this hobby, you may be able to uncover specific details about your family. Investigate the profession of your ancestors, trace cousins scattered around the world, and perhaps even videocall your international relatives.  


Have you ever been tempted to hit the dancefloor at weddings or work parties? Are you too ‘shy’ to show some hip action? Release your inhibitions by signing up to dance classes. 

Keep in shape, tone your body, and stretch your limbs by joining ballet lessons. Or perhaps take up Latin & ballroom with your partner and passionately waltz or salsa the night away. After a few sessions, you will find the courage and confidence to perform in front of guests and colleagues.

Learning a foreign language

¡Hola! Wie geht es dir? Tutto bene? Learning a new language is possibly one of the most useful, rewarding, and stimulating hobbies you can opt for. Spanish phrases will come in handy when you next travel to Argentina. Arabic words will impress the locals if you plan to join football fans in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting a foreign country soon or not, teaching yourself a new language has an array of benefits. As well as improving your memory and brain functionality, it will also boost your CV and attract international companies.  

You can download free apps on your smartphone and start nailing a second language, whether it is French, Italian, or Japanese. If you’re looking for extra practice, why not watch films and listen to podcasts in their original language?


There is no denying that, at some point during our childhood, we all dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day. Growing up, however, it is likely that we ended up choosing a less interstellar career path. 

But why not cultivate your passion for all things outer space? Astronomy is a mesmerising, stress-free hobby that does not require massive effort to nourish. Get hold of a pair of binoculars, step into your backyard, and peek into the sky. You may even want to consider buying a telescope if you find it to be a captivating activity – and they are not as expensive as you may think.   

Moreover, it may offer you the chance to practice and truly enhance your photography skills. Red moons, shooting stars, and faded planets in the distance – there is a lot to enjoy and admire!