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You are entering a no-fly zone
Eating outside in the sunshine is great. But it’s not so pleasant when hungry insects hover over your picnic table waiting to tuck in (or worse). Happily, we’ve got plenty of ideas to keep those not so timorous beasties at bay, inside and out. Because we really don’t want to go into what happens when a fly lands on your food…

Keep your distance
Forget smelly sprays and the age-old flap and swat dance, Thermacell creates a 20m square zone of protection to ward off unwanted intruders like small flies, mosquitos and midges without harming them.

A real game-changer of a product!

Go undercover…
The best way to keep pesky flies off your grub? Cover it up! You’ll find lots of fantastic reusable food covers on the Lakleand website that’ll keep your food protected from insects (and hungry pets) so you can enjoy your time outdoors. And as they’re reusable, they’re kinder to the environment than disposable cling and foil, and cheaper in the long run too.

No entry
There are few things more annoying, or more unhygienic, than flies and other insects buzzing around the house – especially in the kitchen. Try the cut-to-fit Fly Screen to keep the flighty blighters out, while still letting in fresh air and sunlight.

To ensure any insect invaders are swiftly dealt with, you can’t beat the Insect-O-Cutor Flycatcher – with a no-nonsense name like that, you know it’s going to be effective. A brilliant way to get rid of flies without using noxious chemicals, or making a mess by swatting them, this super-smart yet discreet electric machine is suitable for use in any room. Its blue-tinted UV light shines through the front, sides and top, attracting flies like a magnet.

Fancy having some pretty sunflowers on your windows. Stick these bright yellow Window Fly Trap Stickers to your windows, and nuisance flies and other small insects won’t be able to resist sticking around. Effective for up to three months, simply peel them off the window and pop them in the bin once they’re full.