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Queen's Platinum Jubilee

No one throws a party quite like the Queen and the Platinum Jubilee will be the biggest yet. Celebrations will be taking place nationwide, however if you prefer to celebrate privately with friends and family in your own home or garden, British Interior Designer Benji Lewis and founder Zoom That Room, shares his suggestions to ensure your celebrations are fit for a Queen

  1. Think pretty first of all when it comes to planning your Royal Garden party, it’s about celebration so things should be bright and upbeat to reflect the mood
  1. Floral patterns are quintessentially British, so be prepared to get flower fabulous
  1. Combining different patterns suggests a casually thrown together look, but do plan what to use and where to use it – don’t contain thoughts to only using strong designs on your linens only, look at patterned china too – florals, checks and stripes are good
  1. Matched porcelain tea sets are lovely, but breakages happen; don’t shy away from mismatched pieces, as long as you achieve some kind of harmony with colour or style, things will still look the biz
  1. Serve tea in a bone china cup with a saucer; this isn’t affectation, it’s simply that it’s more pleasurable to drink from a fine china cup than it is from a hefty mug
  1. Establish how you wish to entertain and what’s achievable with the space you’ve got; if you only have one table and need to it be the place from which you serve tea, offer cake and sit at, then size things; accordingly, a vast tray of sandwiches on a small table won’t allow for anything else to happen
  1. Bowls of coloured sweets provide additional interest, but think about how you present them; sugared almonds in a crystal bowl are lovely
  1. If you’d like your guests to stay and toast HRH after tea, have a bottle of chilled fizz close to hand, and just as you offer tea in a porcelain cup, provide a crystal champagne glass for the pleasure, it’s immeasurably chic
  1. Nothing says Royal Garden party more than bunting but instead of opting for something plastic, source vintage or something made from fabric that you can re-use
  1. When it comes to food, opt for the Queen’s favourites, Victoria sponge, miniature jam scones (jam pennies) sandwiches and chocolate tarts. More is more when it comes to your decoration and food options, it’s a once in a lifetime celebration.

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