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Denby Christmas

To help make the most of existing tableware collections this Christmas, the Denby design team have shared their tips on how to use and elevate what’s already in the cupboards, to create beautiful table settings, meaningful gifts, and festive treats

This Christmas doesn’t have to be about extravagant presents or parties, instead make it about simple pleasures and special moments with those that mean the most.

When it comes to festive styling, entertaining or gifting, consider blending old and new for a more relaxed and sustainable approach. When laying the table, look to the cupboards for already owned ceramics that can be mixed and matched with new items. For a personalised take on gifting, pair contemporary pieces with treasured, vintage items that can be handed down for a one-of-a-kind present that means more.

Get creative: 

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to mix and matching ceramics. Pair a neutral range such as Denby Kiln with statement pieces, or for a bolder look, play with different patterns, colours and textures to create an eclectic aesthetic that helps bring joy to any festive table.

Put vintage front and centre:

A beautiful Christmas tablescape doesn’t have to be extravagant or expertly finessed. If there are classic ceramics that have been stored away at home, then bring them out of the shadows and make them the centrepiece of your table. Vintage patterns contrast with new collections and can even be used as a talking point when guests sit down at the table.

Give a gift with meaning:

Giving used items is no longer a no-no, in fact passing on an item that’s been loved for years can show just how much you care, while extending its lifespan in the process. Pair a vintage jug with a set of new mugs from Denby and add personalised treats such as favourite tea, coffee and biscuits.

Serve up retro dishes:

The past can serve as great inspiration for a Christmas menu too. Serve up modern twists on classics such as prawn cocktail and trifle to extend the theme of old and new beyond your ceramics.

Think sustainably:

While being eco-conscious and making use of what’s already in the cupboards, there are other things that can be done to make Christmas more sustainable. Create your own handmade crackers using crepe paper and cardboard and skip out on the plastic toys, hang garlands around the home using last year’s gift wrap and look to nature for seasonal greenery you can bring indoors.

Denby Cottage Blue is the pottery’s longest running tableware collection, handcrafted between 1926 and the mid 1980’s and styled here with Studio Blue

Denby ceramics are made to last, meaning that ranges can be enjoyed for decades to come, reducing the need to purchase new items so frequently. Plus, classic and vintage pieces that have been loved for years can also act as a reminder of good times spent together, perfect for festive occasions with friends and family.

For more Christmas gifting, dining, and entertaining ideas and for further information on Denby’s handcrafted ceramics please visit denbypottery.com