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spring garden

Spring is on its way, and we are ready for the warmer months to arrive, which means it is time to prepare our gardens for the seasons to come. To ensure that any garden is fully prepared for the coming seasons and warmer British weather, you need to make several changes.

Plants can be extremely vulnerable in times when the seasons are rapidly changing. This is because the plants have become more reclusive due to the bitter frosts and sharp icy spells that we have had over the winter months.

Here at Sutton Manor Nursery, we have detailed 6 different changes that you should make to your garden before the winter season ends and the spring and summer begin to roll in.

  • Establish A Composting Area – Compost areas are places where organic waste can be disposed of. Your plants will thrive on the rich, rich compost you’ll get once it breaks down.
  • Purchase and Organise Seeds – Depending on where your garden is located, you’ll want to prepare your garden with either sun-loving plants or shade-loving plants, or perhaps a combination of both. After that, it’s time for perhaps the most exciting part of gardening – selecting seeds.
  • Sow Long Season Seeds –In the spring, you can sow hardy annual flowers and crops outside as the days lengthen and get warmer. You may need to warm the soil with polythene before sowing and cover seedlings with cloches or horticultural fleece if it is still cold outside.
  • Find a Source of Mulch – As well as saving water, suppressing weeds, and improving soil around plants, mulching gives your garden a neat, tidy appearance and can reduce watering and weeding time.
  • Maintain Fences, Gates and Trellis – Spring is the perfect time to take care of those little maintenance tasks. You should inspect the fence panels, gates, and trellis to see if there are any signs of weather damage or decay.

  • Clean Out and Wash your Greenhouse- The perfect time is now to clean your greenhouse so you can plant seedlings and take cuttings in the spring. Get rid of algae, moss, and general grime by washing your greenhouse with disinfectant or detergent.

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