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A new way to explore cities and build communities


Ground-breaking city guide app for London’s explorers powered by local knowledge, tailored to each user designed to boost local businesses.

In a city like London, local knowledge is everything. It’s the same wherever you go. Berlin, Boston, Bogota – the people who know best are the people on the street because things change fast, and what’s hot today might not be so hot tomorrow. Bindy Street is a new city guide app powered by information created both by Bindy Street and shared by visitors, residents, and businesses with a strong element of gamification and social media.

As the app develops and users grow, Bindy Street will leverage its database to provide ever more sophisticated personalised recommendations and inspiration for city experiences with packages tailored to each user’s needs, lifestyles, and tastes.

Building communities and driving growth

Bindy Street will be great for consumers but is very much a B2B2C proposition with a sense of community. Founder Ian Henry sees it to bring local businesses – everyone from entertainment venues, restaurant owners and shops to experience providers – closer to the clientele they serve and, by doing so, drive growth:

“We are focussed on bringing our users a broad range of familiar and unfamiliar venues. We will work alongside users and partners to ensure Bindy Street becomes a trusted resource to unearth life’s little gems. By tailoring information to each user’s profile, we hope to create a real community. Much more than a guide, more like a companion.”

Unique personalised interface

The user interface is what gives Bindy Street its point of difference from other “what’s on” apps. Users can build their profiles as they continue to explore, alongside earning fun cosmetics and accessories to personalise an in-app ‘Spirit of Adventure’ avatar. The application will constantly grow and evolve because of its users making use of their experiences and knowledge – venues, events, hobbies, and activities.

It’s the finer details that are important to Bindy Street. It’s all well and good finding out about a venue, but what is that venue offering and what is happening today? Bindy Street offers its community an in-depth insight of what each partner and each locality offer.

Launching in February 2023

Due to launch in Beta from this February, Bindy Street will focus on London’s Shoreditch, with Soho next on the list. It will be available on iOS and Android.

For further information please visit – bindystreet.com